Heino Falcke has written a few texts on various topics that you can read on his wordpress blog. 


  1. “The Star of Bethlehem – a mystery (almost) resolved?” (Heino Falcke, Oct 2014) [WordPressBlog]
  2. “Six thousand versus 14 billion: How large and how old is the universe?” (Heino Falcke, March 2017) [WordPressBlog]
  3. Science in the era of Facebook and Twitter – get used to it” (Heino Falcke, May 2014) [WordPressBlog]
  4.   “The “stemfie” – How to ridicule the secrecy of free election” (Heino Falcke, March 2014) [WordPressBlog]
  5. Photo of your vote? Show respect to democracy, don’t do it!” (Heino Falcke, May 2014) [WordPressBlog]
  6. “Dad, how big is heaven?” (Chirldren’s sermon, Heino Falcke, May 2014) [WordPressBlog]